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A look back in time

Randers was built at the point where the river Gudenå flows into Randers Fjord, where it was easiest to cross the river in a north-south direction. Here seagoing traffic met with pedestrian and road traffic. 

Exactly when the town was established, is not known, but the town was already known as a centre of commerce in the year 1080. 

Trade and industry also attracted religious institutions. “Vor Frue Convent”, which was situated north of the present town square, was built around 1100. Other monastaries and churches were founded in the town, the largest being “Gråbrødre Monastery” which stood where the “Slotscenter” stands today. 

The 16th century brought prosperous times to the town. Rich businessmen built luxurious town houses, beautifully decorated in the Rennaissance style. Several of them still exist today, for example Brødregade 24 to26 and Storegade 13. 

Again in the latter half of the 17th century the town experienced similar prosperity. Furthermore parts of the muddy fjord were dredged, and numerous buildings were erected. The Town Hall was built in 1778 and the distinguished “Svaneapoteket” was erected i 1802.In the 19th century, the town plan entered a new phase with the arrival of the first factories, such as Scandia in 1862, and the coming of the railway to Randers. The town was in a perfect position for the main line which runs through Jutland. Randers was also the traffic centre for several local lines.

After 1970 the town underwent a radical reorganisation of its streetplan. A ringroad was built around the town and a number of narrow medieval streets were updated to modern pedestrian areas. 

Kronjylland and its market town of Randers offer a large range of attractions for both children and adults.

One of the towns greatest attractions is the tropical zoo "Randers Rainforest". In the spring of 2003 "Randers Rainforest" opened it’s third and largest dome. The three domes house tropical animals and plants in a simulated rainforest environment. 

Other than the Rainforest you can enjoy the scenery on and by Denmark’s only river – the "Gudenå". Kronjylland is also an excellent area for those interested in arts and culture. Here you will find museums of art and cultural history, art galleries, theatre and fascinating buildings – from old town houses to castles, manor houses and churches. 


More information about Randers:

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Randers Kommune ( The Municipality of Randers) has a population of 62.000 people and is the fifth largest town in Denmark, excluding the Copenhagen area.

The local authority encompasses an area of 153.6 square kilometres, which is quite small in relation to the number of inhabitants.  Further 150.000 people living in the area of Kronjylland.

Industry in Randers

Historically the town is known as an active centre of trade and industry, and it remains so today. 

Randers has approximately 33.000 workplaces. When compared to the national average, the town boasts an above average number of people employed in manufacturing and commercial businesses.

There is a good representation of firms within the stainless steel, graphic, plastic engineering, foodstuff and furniture industries.

Trade in Randers

More than anything, Randers is a town of retail trade. Half of the shops are located in the town centre, and the many squares and pedestrian streets make shopping an adventure. There are many exciting shops, especially within the textile trade. You will also find large supermarkets here, so all shopping needs can be catered for within walking distance.

Outside of the town center there are plenty more opportunities for shopping in the many local shopping centres and discount stores.

Twin Towns

Randers is twinned with the following nordic cities: Akureyri in Iceland, Västerås in Sweden, Lahti in Finland and Ålesund in Norway. The town is also twinned with Jelena Gori in Poland and Donji Vakuf in Bosnia. 


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