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We can't guarantee a hot and rain free stay in Denmark.
The weather in Denmark can vary greatly Ė average August temperatures are between 28 Celsius (day)  and 5 Celsius (night). The monthly mean temperature for August is 17 Celsius.

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How to dress in the Danish summer

A light jacket and a raincoat are recommended. Also you ought to bring some warmer clothes.

You should of course bring your summer clothes along including SWIMSUIT.

Don't forget some COMFORTABLE SHOES. One of the days you must walk in terrain the whole day.

Sleeping bag and towel

You must bring SLEEPING BAG, sleeping mat and TOWELS etc. for use when you are not staying at a host family.


Voltage is 230 volts all over. Be sure to bring the appropriate converter and adapter if needed.


To phone to Denmark: The Danish country code is +45.

To phone international calls from Denmark dial:
+ or 00-country code-city code-telephone number.


The Danish monetary standard, 1 krone = 100 Ýre.

1 Ä is app. 7.50 krone (abbreviated kr. or DKK).

Travellerís checks and major credit cards (such as VISA, MasterCard, and Dinerís Club) are generally accepted in public places. Automated teller machines (ATMís) are widely available. Check with your bank to make sure that your ATM card will operate in Denmark and also advise your credit card company that you will be travelling abroad.


Standard tipping is always included (taxi, restaurants, bars, hotels etc). Extra tipping is appreciated; but not expected.

Pocket money

All expenses regarding food, official visits and tours are paid. You only need pocket money for your personal needs, gifts etc. How much? Sufficient may be between  DKK 500 and 1,500 ( Ä 66 and 200).

The Camp

We expect about 25 participants in the camp including some young Danes and long term exchange students. The purpose of this camp is that you will all have the possibility of getting to know each other and to make contacts, therefore you will be one big group, unless the camp leaders make some special activities.

If you play an instrument and can bring it with you then please do so.

Emergency contact during the Camp:

Chairman of the Camp Djurs Committee

Torben Folmer Bech
Klovervej 20
8960 Randers SO

Tel./Mobil: (+45) 4063 6599



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