Captain Carlo's Crew Reunion


Comments on the 1999-2000 Class of District Governors, Captain Carlos Crew


Speech by PRID Philip J. Silvers, District 5500, May 2011

A major part of the Legacy of President Carlo Ravizza is the continuing
Rotary work of his Directors and his District Governors.

Of his just more than 500 governors, here are a few examples:

(Philip invite members of our class to edit and augment this commentary.)

To date—after only eleven yearsnine have been named RI Directors, and three Trustees of The Rotary Foundation.  For sure, there will be more to come.

Of particular note, we have the very first woman Director—Dr. Catherine Noyer-Riveau of Paris, France.

Also, we have the first woman to be named both a TRF Trustee and a RI Director, Anne Matthews of North Carolina, USA.

Mike McGovern, Maine, USA, has served as RI Vice President, RI Membership Chairman, and chaired the Board’s worldwide Zone Re-Alignment effort after the 2007 Council on Legislation.

Ian Riseley, Australia, has been RI Treasurer, and now will serve as TRF Trustee.

Dr. Otto Austel, who recently died, was given TRF’s Global Service to Humanity award several years ago.

Three have been called to lead RI’s international membership initiative as RI Membership Chairmen—Alana Bergh, Chris Offer, and Mike McGovern.

At least four have become members of the Arch C. Klumph Society by donating $250,000 or more to the Rotary Foundation.

Several as served as RI representatives to the United Nations.

Many have been selected to be Rotary Regional Foundation Coordinators, Membership Coordinators, President’s Representatives, and other leadership positions, including one as RIBI president and RI Director.

Some have played leadership roles in Polio eradication, sponsoring TRF Million Dollar Dinners, and in RI’s Rotarian Action Groups.


Carlo’s  presidential aide, Jonathan Majiyagbe of Nigeria, quickly went on to become the first President of Rotary International from Africa.

Carlo’s Vice President, Bill Boyd, also became one of Rotary’s enigmatic leaders as RI President, helping us to understand that leadership begins with ethics.

Others of his directors went on to lead roles in the Council on Legislation and the RI International Convention.


There is much more to the Legacy of Carlo and Rosanna.  Take a look at Rotary’s current Strategic Plan, Club Leadership Plan, and District Leadership Plan.  You will find Carlo’s and Rosanna’s fingerprints all over those documents.

Their theme concept, Act with Consistency, Credibility, and Continuity, has had incredible staying power and real influence over the years.  We will not mention the ‘color barrier’ that they broke by having a coat of many colors—little did we understand the symbolism at that time.  And, as RI president, Carlo’s planning initiatives provided the architecture that guided the emerging potential for Rotary in the newly independent countries of Eastern Europe and Russia.


Lastly, in the folklore of Rotary, Carlo may likely be remembered as the person who caused us to re-think the strategies and tactics of The Rotary Foundation.  It was his 1995 analysis of the operations of our Rotary Foundation that led to the extensive research that resulted in the framework of the Future Vision Plan—still a work in progress.


And yet, eleven years later, we may have only seen the first ripples of the influence of Captain Carlo, first mate Rossana, and their crew of directors, governors, and spouses on the work of Rotary International and its Rotary Foundation.


(Philip invite members of our class to edit and augment this commentary.)


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