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From: D-1080, England, Barry Catchpole

Dear Torben,

Good to hear from you and to know that you are keeping up the contacts and will be part of the Bangkok Convention.

As I think you know we will not be with you in Bangkok, but are very much looking forward to our annual get-together.

Do let us know when and if we are expected in Denmark this year.

As before I think August is the best month for us, but we can work around whatever is good for you both.

Look out for Mark Little in the exhibition hall as he will have a stand for his Child Slavery RAG and is looking for helpers.

 Love to Birgit - Barry & Annie

 Ps: I can probably help with the list so will try to edit it and re-send.

From:  D-3010, India, O.P. VAISH

Dear Torben,

We love you for your taking the initiative to organize Rotary 2000 Captain Carlo’s Crew Reunion at Bangkok.

You have fixed it between two opening plenary at the Convention on Sunday, May 6, between 13.00-14.00 hrs. in Sapphire Room 112. I do not know how crowded my program will be as the Convention Committee Chair? We shall make our best effort to report to our Captain and dear Rossana.

Fond regards and God bless. O.P. VAISH

From:  D-4650, Brazil, Rolf B. Hermann

Dear EDG Torben

I´m still alive and an active member.

But I´m afraid we shall not go to Bangkok, also I´m very sorry not to.

Best wishes for a very good meeting and best regards, Rolf

From:  D-1790, France, Paul Hennequin

I can not fly to Bagkock to the international convention. It is too far for me. I thinck to go to the Lisboa convention the next year if God permit it, and meet  our captain Carlo.

Best regards. Jean-Paul Hennequin

From:  D-1870, Germany, Ivo Holdefleiss

Dear Torben!

For the Rotary year 1999/2000 I was the DG of our district 1870. Carlo was our president RI.

I must tell you that unfortunately I am not able to take part in Bangkok. I am looking forward to visiting Lisboa next time.

Best wishes! Ivo Holdefleiss

From:  D-5300, USA, Garbis Der-Yeghian

Thanks for the invitation. Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend the RI Convention this year.

YIR, Garbis Der-Yeghian

From:  D-5040, Canada, Chris Offer


Unfortunately this conflicts with my zones boat cruise.  Zone 24-32 has a river – lunch cruise at the same time.  I will attend the zone event.

Good luck and say hi to everyone

Cheers, Chris Offer, PDG, Zone 24

From:  D-6580, USA (Southern Indiana), Peggy L. Peter

I regret that I will not be able to attend the International Convention this year.  Please continue to send me information about Captain Carlo's Crew and hopefully I can join you at some future event. 

Peggy L. Peter

From:  D-1560, The Netherlands, Paul Burgers

Dear Torben,

From 6-9 May my wife and I spent our holidays as usual in the South of France.

Please bring Carlo our very best regards. Last time I met him was in Chicago at the Counsel of legislation.

Regards, Paul Burgers

From:  D-2200, Spain, Julio Sorjus

Dear Torben,

Thank you very much for your e-mail.

We do hope to be able to share with you all the 13th Anniversary Reunion of Carlo’s Crew on Sunday, 6 May 2012 at 1:00 p.m., depending, as you know, on our duties as Aides to President Kalyan and First Lady Binota.

We will do our best to be with all of you there.

Cordially, Julio Sorjus

Aide to the RI President, 2011-12, RID, 1998-2000, Incoming Trustee

From:  D-5050, Canada, Dave Robinson


Bev and I will not be attending the Convention this year.

Hope you have a great reunion.

WRR Dave Robinson,

From:  D-7870, USA, Donald Levasseur

Dear Torben Folmer Bech

Thank you for your notice in regards to upcoming International conference, I will not be able to attend this year and I thank you for your email and notice.

Sincerely in Rotary, Donald Levasseur PDG Bedford NH Rotary

From:  D-7370, USA, Gary Peck


Thank you for the invite.

I will not be able to make the trip this year.

Hope everyone has a great time.

Gary Peck

From:  D-4890, Argentina, Jackie Gear

Dear Torben

Thank you for your mail .

My name is Juan (Jackie) Gear, and I was  Governor for District 4980,of course during Carlo Ravizza´ year and when in Buenos Aires was the Rotary Convention 2000.

I m not planning to assist to Bangkok this year. I m still working in my company Gear SA, and I have a lot of work in this period of the year.

I m continue as an active member of Rotary Club Buenos Aires ,were we have meetings every Wednesday, at noon, and were you are invited any time if you are coming to BA.

Best regards to all the Crew Members,specially to Carlo and Rossana.

Sincerely yours, Jackie Gear

From:  D-5960, USA, Steve Wilcox

Greetings Torben,

Unfortunately due to a conflict with the Boy Scout National Annual Meeting I will not be attending the Bangkok Convention.  I have a leadership role with our Boy Scout Council that necessitates my attendance there.

I did see Carlos at the International Assembly in San Diego where I had the privilege of serving as a Training Leader.  That was a great experience serving Rotary.

Hope all is well with you and your family Torben and thanks for your vigilance convening our classmates,

Steve and Terri Wilcox

From:  D-1220, England, David Power


Thank you for the invitation to the reunion in Bankok.  Unfortunately we shall not be able to be there.

In RIBI I am organising the Reunion this year for the PDGs from 1999-2000 so I have an up-to-date list of e-mail addresses which I have attached – it may be helpful to you.

Regards, David Power

From:  D-3230, India, Rekha Shetty

Dear Torben,

Please let me know how to register for this Reunion.

Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this communication.

Regards, Dr. Rekha Shetty

From:  D-1720 France, Marc Dufond

Dear Friend,
We will not attend Bangkok because in may i always have important professional meetings, but we’ll be in Lisbon in 2013 and see you and the Captain Carlo's Crew.
Best regards, Marc Dufond

From:  D-1390, Finland, Gretings Seppo

Thank you Torben

Veera and I cannot participate our reunion. Grandma and -pa jobs in Berlin!

Gretings Seppo

From:  D-6560,  USA, Jerry Erskine


Thanks for heading up the reunion. Sorry to say that Margie and I will not be attending this year. I have been to 15 International Conventions but have a grandson graduating from college that week and since I could not get his university to change their plans, I will have to change mine. Hopefully next year.

Just Say Yes - Jerry Erskine, Rotary Club of Lebanon, Indiana

From:  D-5000, USA, Dick Mosko


I am sorry that we will not be able to be with all of you. My granddaughter's Birthday is in Las Vegas on May 6, 2012.

Wishing all of you the best. Dick Mosko

From:  D-5510,  USA, Joe Goldblatt

Dear Torben and Birget:

Thank you for sending the invitation for Captain Carlos Crew reunion in Bangkok. Unfortunately, Helen and I will not be attending. Hopefully, we will have the opportunity to join our classmates in the near future.

Warmest regards, Joe Goldblatt

From:  D-7950, USA, Bill Rizzini

Hello PDG Torben,

Past Governor Bill Rizzini does not have an email address. He has asked me to convey his best wishes to all of his classmates - and particularly to PRIP Carlo Ravizza.

PDG Bill states: "Carlo held a Rotary Institute in our district in 1999 (in Newport, Rhode Island). This event is fondly remembered by many of our local Rotarians and was the highlight of our Rotary Year. I wish I could be in Bangkok with all of you. I wish you all well and hope that you have a wonderful time in Bangkok!"

Sincerely, Bill Rizzini

From:  D-7040, USA, Lionel Arlan

Dear Torben,

Thanks for the inquiry about me. Yes, I’m still around but will be unable to attend the reunion this year. Enjoy the reunion and say hello to Carlo for me.

Best wishes, Lionel Arlan

From:  D-4580, Brazil, José Barbosa de Vasconcellos

Dear PDG Torben Bech, Folmer,

I´m José Barbosa de Vasconcellos PDG  / 99/2000 - 4580 District - Minas Gerais - Brasil. I received your email sent through the current DG José Campêlo.I´m participating in the Rotary with the same enthusiasm  as before. I´m sorry but I cannot participate in our meeting with President Carlos Alessandro Ravizza and find our group of governors.

Tank you very match. PDG José Barbosa de Vasconcellos

From:  D-5710, USA, Stanley M. Teeter

Torben, I am still around and active in Rotary but will not be at the convention in Bangkok. Give my best to all that can make it to the convention Thanks.

Stanley M. Teeter

From:  D-4390, Brazil, Aldo Casado Costa

Thank you very much for your invitation to a meeting in Bankok with Carlos Ravizza. IT´s not possible for us to go to that RI International Convention.

Tell to President Carlos Ravizza and spouse and to all PDG of our Rotary year that we wish so much success.

With our Rotary Greetings, Aldo Casado Costa and Onilda, PDG 1999/2000

From:  D-5340,  USA, Dick Thorn

Sorry Torben I will not be going.

Give my  best to our class.

Dick Thorn PDG 1999-00

From:  D-1980, Switzerland, Josef Roos

Dear Rotary friend
This is to inform you that I was the District Governor 1999/2000 (we called that Milleniumsgovernors) or Carlos Ravizzas Crew “two-0-0-0”.
I am fortunately still alive and enjoying Rotary. Unfortunately i will not attend the Conference in Bangkok for personal reasons. Our crew is meeting once a year, and that is always e very nice event.
Please give my warmest greetings to Carlo Ravizza.
In Rotary - Josef Roos

Greetings from Crewmembers of Captain Carlo around New Year 2012

From: D-5050, Canada, Dave Robinson


Thanks for this!

Unfortunately, Bev and I do not plan to attend the convention.

Hope you have a successful event.

WRR Dave Robinson

From: D-1890, Germany, Horst Heiner Hellge

Thanks to our Captain Carlo and his lovely wife Rosanna and best wishes to the whole crew for 2012!

Michèle and Horst Heiner Hellge

with best greetings from Hamburg.

From: D-2390, Sweden, Lennart Jonéus (in Swedish)

Rotaryvän Torben!

Tack för inbjudan till reunion i Bengkok. Dessvärre har vi inte möjlighet att delta, men jag ber Dig framföra våra hälsningar till Carlos crew.

Lennart och Eva Jonéus, DG 1999/2000

From: D-3870, Philippines, Yu Beng

Dear Torben,
Happy New Year!
I was not able to download the attached file, would you please resend the mail?
Yu Beng

From: D-3830, Philippines, Guiller Tumangan

Dear classmate Governor 2000 Torben,

This is Daumonguiller " Guiller" Tumangan of District 3830 Philippines.
YES I enjojed our reunion in New Orleans. And YES, I am looking forward to our reunion in Bangkok. Kindly let me know of the date, time and venue of our reunion so that I can help you with the attendance of our classmates in this part of the world. I can also contact our classmates from Zone 7, Zone 6B and 10 B. Merry christmas and a happy new year. Best regards Guiller

From: D-2280, Noeway, Roald Sporstøl (in Norwegian)

Kjære Rotaryvenn

Vedlagt et foto av en modell av et fartøy med navm Den Gyldne Svane.

Alt tyder på at dette er modell av et Dansk fartøy.

Modellen hang i Herøy kirke på Sunnmøre fra slutten av 1700 tallet til 1860, da den ble gitt til Bergen Museum, der den er i utstillingen.

Vi er to rotaryanere som forsøker å finne ut om det har eksitert et fartøy med dette navn i Dansk flåte. Handels/orologsfartøy. Søk på nettet etc har ikke ført oss til målet.

Spørsmålet er om Du kan gi oss et tips på person vi kan kontakte for å få hjelp i vår søken.

Håper dette ikke er ubeleilig.

Med Rotaryhilsen. PDG Roald daværende distr. 2280.

Hilsen, Roald

From: D-2270, Norway, Ståle Henningsen (in Norwegian)

Torben, god jul til deg og din familie vi er 5 par av vårt kull som skal til litueinia, viljus i slutet av mai 2012 har du noen rotarykontakter der nede ? gamle 2270 ståle henningsen, box 104 n- 8376 leknes.


From: D-5040, Norway, Chris Offer


I hope you had a Great Christmas.  I my part of Canada it is a very wet Christmas.

We will be in Bangkok and hopefully will be able to attend the reunion.

Have wonderful New Year

Cheers, Chris

From: D-4170, Mexico, Frank Devlyn

Dear Torben:

Good to see you bringing The Family of Rotary of Captain Carlo´s Crew together in Bangkok.

I am also proudly a member of Captain Carlo´s Crew.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas with Family and Happy New Year to all.

Congratulations on also promoting our Convention in Bangkok.

Frank Devlyn

From: D-3040, India, Sharad Phatak

Dear Torben,

Thnx for your mail. I wish you a very happy X-mas & New Year. Hope we all will meet at Bangkok.

Sharad Phatak, DG(99-00) India

From: D-9810 , Australia, Ian Riseley

Hi Torben,

Thanks for the message and Christmas greetings.

Juliet and I look forward to joining you at the Bangkok reunion, assuming I don’t have any other duties that would require me to be elsewhere.

Kind regards, Ian

From: D-2680, Japan, Osamu Kometani

Dear Torben Folmer Bech,

Thank you for your information. I will participate the Reunion og Rotary 2000 Captain Carlo's Crew.

Best regards, Osamu Kometani, Japan.

From: D-1270, England, John Hockin

Dear Torben

Happy Christmas to you but sadly we will not be at the 2012 Convention.

All good wishes and my email remains the same.


From: D-2980, India, Srinivasa Gobalan

Thanks Torben for the Greetings. Not sure whether I can make it to the Convention because I am returning from USA on the 29th April and too little time left to depart again.

But yet, convey our regards to Carlo and Rozanna. Two fine people who have inspired us.

Regards Srinivasa Gobalan, Salem

From: D-2040, Italy, Carlo Monticelli

Thanks we reciprocate with Rotarian friendship. The Monticellis...

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