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From: Abraham I. Gordon

Greetings to Captain Carlo, Supreme Captain Rossana and the entire Crew:

 As of today, it appears that I will not be with you in New Orleans.  I have an active and busy court schedule which suggests that I will be on trial during the period of the R. I. Convention.  If my schedule changes, I will fly down and surprise all of you.

 It is amazing to think that 12 years have passed since we started our adventure together in 1999!  That was an exciting year of Rotary Service under the leadership of Carlo and Rossana who brought the Rotary world together with Consistency, Credibility and Continuity. 

 Carlo insisted that Rotary should change its path from re-creating itself each year and his Theme did lead us to Consistency, Credibility and Continuity during "our" year and to this day.

 One of the most memorable - and virtually forgotten - events of that year was Carlo's insistence that all Rotary Clubs be a part of a Rotary District.  When the Soviet Union collapsed about 200 new Rotary Clubs were quickly created in what was once the Soviet Union.  For about 10 years these  "free standing" clubs functioned without benefit of belonging to a Rotary District.  Carlo, realizing all the benefits of belonging to a District, held what was called the Budapest Workshop and invited representatives from all the clubs to meet with him and the Rotary Leadership to correct this situation. 

 Working with these free standing clubs they were all assigned to existing Districts which then enabled them to participate in Rotary District programs such as Group Study Exchange, Youth Exchange, various Foundation programs and generally function equally with all the other Rotary Clubs in the World.  This also enabled them, as now, to ultimately have their own Distyrict Governors.

 Carlo corrected this situation with his Budapest Workshop and thus enhanced the power and service of Rotary throughout the world.  He did what no Rotary President before him was able to do.  He deserves the thanks and accolades of all Rotarians for this service and all his other service to the world.  He exemplifies the true meaning of "Service Above Self."

 Abraham I. Gordon,
Past R. I. Vice President 1999-2000

From: Frank Devlyn Mortensen

Hola Torben:

I am honored to also have been part of Capitan Carlo's Crew. We wish all a great reunion.

Unfortunately we have commitments every night but we are with Carlo, Rosana and all the Crew in spirit.

Frank and Gloria Rita Devlyn
Past President of R.I.

From: TaleeCrowe, PDG

Sorry I will be unable to join the group.  My regards to Carlo and Rosanna.

TaleeCrowe, PDG, D-5450

From: Garry and Norma Johnson

Hi Torben, Thank you so much for contacting us, unfortunately we will not be there for the reunion, please give our apologies to all those that do make it.

Kind regards, Garry and Norma Johnson, Dist 9650 Australia 

From: Rekha Shetty

Dear Torben, Because of a wedding in family, I and Jai will not attend the New Orleans Convention. Hope to meet all the members of Captain Carlo’s Crew at Bangkok. Jai joins me in wishing you our best wishes and regards.

Rekha Shetty, D-3230

From: Barry Catchpole

Dear Friends, We very much regret we cannot be with you in New Orleans, at what we are sure will be a great

Convention. Nevertheless, we will be thinking about you all and send our very best wishes.

Please also say hello to those of you who know and remember us.  Especially, Torben and Birgit,

Action team leader John H. & Sally, Allan Jagger and Rose, David & Judith Power, David & Christine Judge and any others attending from RIBI.

Hoping you are all keeping well  and continue to enjoy our wonderful organisation.

Regards Barry & Annie Catchpole, PDG 1080

From:  Arun Sharma

Dear  Torben,  I am glad that Reunion of the Batch of 1999-2000 is being organized for Past President Carlos Ravizza at New Orleans which I will be pleased to attend.

With regards, Arun Sharma, Past District Governor 1999-2000 – District 3080

From:  Per Naess

Torben Folmer Bech, Thank you for your initiative and kind invitation to reunion of Captain Carlo´s crew in New Orleans, May 22 nd. 2011.

However, I am very sorry to inform you that I will not attend the meeting due to other responsibilities in Europe.

Best regards   ///  Per Naess, DG 99-00,  D-2350

From:  Ron

Dear Torben, I do my best to get by for at least part of it.  Glad we were able to assist.

From:  Davis Power

Hi Shipmate!!  Judith & I are attending the New Orleans Convention so if there is a reunion we would be pleased to be included. Hope to see you there.

 Regards David Power, District 1220

From:  David Judge

Torben, Christine and I will be at RI New Orleans 2011 Convention.

We have just returned from RO Past Officers Reunion where we met Carlo Ravizza and spoke about a New Orleans Reunion. He was non commital and said he would consider it.

I did not offer to organise it. I will try to forward what I still have from Birmingham Convention.

Best Wishes, David and Christine

From:  Steve Wilcox

Good to hear from you Torben and sorry to hear of Birgit’s fall….glad she is on the mend.

Terri and I are still undecided with New Orleans due to consistent travel with Rotary serving districts with the Club Vision to Plan Process.  Terri and I (and about 12 others) have been developing and training this planning process for Rotary clubs for over 9 years now so the weekends have been active.  Couple this with a trip to Iceland, Sweden and Norway in July makes our spring/summer pretty busy. 

The attached list is all I have for classmates with several around the world so you will have some leverage Torben….good luck.

My best to our classmates and to you, Steve

From:  John Hockin

Dear Torben, Sadly I will not be at New Orleans.

Good to hear from you and I trust that you are well.


From:  George Partlo

Greetings Torben,  It is really great to hear from you, and receive the great news that plans are in the making for a class reunion.  We are planning to attend New Orleans, and will be delighted to be included in the Captain Carlos Crew Reunion.

We are looking forward to meeting again with our great group from 1999-2000!

Cheers,   George

From:  George Wheeler

Dear Torben:  My wife, daughter and I will be in New Orleans and would like to attend a reunion.  Obviously, the date and time of the reunion will dictated whether we can attend.

George Wheeler

From:  Joe Goldblatt

Torben: I got your message via Phil Silver PRID.  Unfortunately, Helen and I will not be attending Convention in New Orleans.
Yours in Rotary Service, Joe Goldblatt, D5510

From:  John Bertram

Torben, we will not be at New Orleans as we are going to visit family in Brazil at the end of June.

John Bertram, D7070 Canada.

From:  Alana Bergh

I am very glad to receive this information, and will forward to my classmates in zone 24.

Ron and I arrive in New Orleans at 15:00.  We will try to come to the reception, but it may not be possible.

Thank you for organizing this! Alana, PDG D5010

From:  Phil Silvers

Hi Torben, Wow!  The work you are doing is wonderful, but it is just incredible that RI cannot provide you with better data. I will not have much time before the convention, but I will try to get you some contact info for others on your list when I get home on 1 May before leaving on 3 May :).

See you there! phil

From:  Garry Johnson

Hi Torben, Thank you so much for contacting us, unfortunately we will not be there for the reunion, please give our apologies to all those that do make it,

Kind regards, Garry and Norma Johnson, Dist 9650 Australia 

From:  Carlo Monticelli

Dear Torben, Thank you. As already informed I’ll attend.

Regards Carlo Monticelli

From:  Rob Wylie

Hello Torben, Sorry I won't be able join Carlo's crew in New Orleans.  Hope you all have a great time.

Yours in Rotary, Rob

From:  Guiller Tumangan

Okay i will attend thanks gov 2000 guiller tumangan d3830

From:  Phil Silvers

Torben, Thank you for doing this.  In perspective, it means a lot.

If possible, I would like 3 minutes on the agenda to recognize some members of our class who have performed exceptionally for Rotary.  Just for example—

Catherine Noyer-Reveau, first woman RI Director

Mike McGovern, Rotary VP

Ian Riseley, Rotary Treasurer and Board member

Anne Matthews, TRF Trustee and RI Director

Otto Austel, TRF Alumni Service Award

Alana Bergh, RI Membership Chair

Chris Offer, RI Membership Chair

Allan Jagger, RIBI President

Doh Bae, TRF Trustee

Stuart Heal, RI Director

…and others

This was an exceptional class and that should be noted.  I will continue to work on email addresses of other classmates. Thank you.   phil    RI Director 2008-10

From:  John Vandel

Dear Torben, Thank you for keeping me informed.  I will have to miss this year due to an unavoidable conflict.

Keep up the good work, PDG John Vandel, D-5440 (1999-2000), USA

From:  William C Spalding

I will be in N. Orleans...but am commited to another event.

William C Spalding

From:  Dave Baker

We will been attending our Granddson's graduation Sunday May 22 in Wichita, KS.  We will fly in to New Orleans Monday May 23rd for the remaining activities.  Please say hello to our class members and we hope to see them sometime during the International Convention.

Dave Baker, DG  6110 1999-2000

From:  Chaisinn Maninan

Dear Torben Folmer Bech : Thank you very much for our classmate`s e-mail addresses, I will attend the New Orleans Convention this May and also to meet our Caption Carlo and his crews as well as to promote the 2012 Bangkok RI Convention, which will be held next year in Bangkok.

I am from D-3360 Northern Thailand.- Chaisinn Maninan.

From:  Osamu Kometani

Dear Torben, Thank you very much for your kind invitation of 12th Anniversary Reunion of Carlo's Crew. I am pleased to attend this meeting. I am looking forward to meet Captain Carlo as well as old crew members.

Best regards, Osamu Kometani, R.I. 2680, Kobe, Japan.

From:  Mark Maloney

Dear Torben: Thank you for organizing the Ravizza Reunion.  I plan to attend.  Unfortunately, my wife, Gay, will not be able to participate.

See you in New Orleans! Mark Maloney

From: Alastair K. Denholm

Rosalind joins me to say that we are sorry that we are not to be in New Orleans for the Convention on Sunday. We were at Montreal and met up with Carlo and Rossana. They seem to be in good health.

 In May last year we went to Grand Rapids to attend  District 6290 Conference as the President’s Representative and met up with their D.G. for 1999-2000, Marcus Wegmeyer.

 I am off tomorrow to join a reunion of the Team in the U.K. for 1999-2000, that is those not going to New Orleans. I hope that  the reunion on Sunday is enjoyable.

 Regards Alastair K. Denholm, District 1230

From: O.P. VAISH

Dear Torben, A minor accident yesterday  in India has deprived me of travel to New Orleans and the opportunity to join Captain Carlo’s Crew reunion. Wish you all the Best.

 Warm Regards  O.P. VAISH, Senior Advocate Chair, 2012, Bangkok Convention Committee. New Delhi.

From: Hans Peder Ulvin

Thank you, I have to regret that i am not at the convention this year.

If the message had been out at an earler time pehaps. Please say helo to Carlo from distr. 2060.

Best regards Hans Peder Ulvin

From:  Philip Silvers

Hi Torben,

 Thanks for putting together a nice get-together for us in New Orleans.  And it was the least expensive, most efficient reunion in New Orleans—zero cost and less than one hour!

 You asked me to write down what I said that afternoon.  Attached is what I said…and a little more that I would have said if I had taken more time.  I invite members of our class to edit and augment this commentary…there is much more that I do not know about, I am sure.






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